World Trade Display is a company specialized in producing and direct selling of interactive touch screens and digital information signage solutions, at high communicative and emotional-impact.
Thanks to its sales forces consolidated over the years and to its highly qualified service assistance they are able to cover the needs of over 64 countries around the world.
The commercial offer is wide and varied, and having the entire range be of its own design and construction, we are able to meet custom solutions for any type of product such as: Touch Monitor, Open Frame, Touch Screen; Floor Standing; Advertising Player, Touch Table, Self-Service Kiosk e Videowall.
World Trade Display is a major player in the field of display & digital signage devoted primarily to the world of Kiosk Gaming Amusement, however their international position for many years has also been consolidated in other industrial sectors such as: Vending, Medical Educational, Ticketing, Transportation, Finance & Banking.
With a wide range of products and new interactive technologies and above all consistency in its line of products, World Trade Display meets and responds to the constant requests for new informative and interactive solutions.
Particular attention has been dedicated to the world of large display screen, starting from medium size up to videowall solutions, increasingly demanded by the different and multiple applications of use throughout the world.
In fact the company, as with with these types of solutions, has always invested in new market segments with efficiency and punctuality, in order to achieve more international leadership.
With its own specific organization for technical support, World Trade Display guarantees accurate technical support “door to door” to better meet all the needs of the international clientele.
In fact, one of our main priorities is recruiting and training talented people, and at the same time, focus on their human resources and technologies to enhance today, what tomorrow will offer.

As already pointed out, the company has in recent years made important developments, from simple marketing to design and direct production of its range of products today marketed under their own brand WTD.

Since 1993, World Trade Display has developed a special ability to penetrate into international markets, strengthening partnerships with these producers in a wider and more profound work synthesis until obtaining ability to design and produce their own entire range of products in market today, developing an international work synergy that is stabilized for the customer in an advanced price performance ratio and availability of new technologies of the future right now.
Informative digital signage solutions are increasingly in demand on the international scene and within the company covers more than half of its production, concentrating the company in the field of interactive digital information in all of its various and multiple technological solutions, always advancing the company towards a market in which in the upcoming years, all major industries and companies won’t help but need to confront with each other.

The ability to bring high interactivity even in those areas in close contact with the public, is part our mission, to bring closer together the user at a faster speed of communication amongst the different figures in the context of everyday life.

More interactivity, on the flip-side allows for more savings in time and money, especially in such fields as administration, very sensitive to the costs die to bureaucracy, to bring closer the consumer towards a more interactive future even in normal daily life.

World Trade Display, continues to sell even today tens of thousands of displays and informative floor standing with its own official brand registered WTD, in multiple and diverse sectors throughout the world, confirming its identity as a reference point in the sector of industrial information.
The freedom of being able to design, produce and market our own interactive solution, whether a simple display or an interactive kiosk, offers our customers numerous combinations of differentiated solutions in format, size and technology, contributing a secure response to the strong increase in recent years on these types of interactive products.

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