Engage you guests with an interactive touch screen kiosk. Your guests will enjoy a fun, exciting and easy to use self-service wedding concierge to find their table, view picture gallery, record a video tribute and more… Make LobbyPad an integral part of your wedding reception and a welcoming experience for your guests!

• Plan your guest list and seating arrangement.
• Build your seating arrangements and easily manage invitations and RSVPs
setup a wedding kiosk at your venue
• Automatically greet your guests
• Entertain your guests with an elegant photo gallery slideshow of your picture memories
• Your guests can record personalized video tributes
• Provide your guests with entertainment and more!

What is LobbyPad?

• Easy and user friendly solutions — served on a elegant, secure and self-serve kiosk
• Custom designed kiosk solutions designed to your specifications
• Graphically rich interactive applications
• Your brand and theme

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