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Treat your visitors to a premium way finding service with FindYouWay, the smart way finding way/location kiosk that creates a meaningful bond between its users and their environment of any type: malls, department stores, airports, universities, city centres, hospitals, etc.

– Completely multi-touch allow all your visitors to easily visualize their route to any shop, department, room or location, across different floors and different buildings, with the ability to recommend specific routes for people with disabilities.
– Easy to use Semantic Search allow visitors will quickly find the brand, the product or the category they are looking for
– Sales offers ; allows you to display banner images, videos or flash animation to visitors on a banner on the map or full-screen. Each push can be linked to a location, an event, a promotion or even a web page
– Data Gathering; users can register directly on the interface. The data collected are then centralized by the software but can also be sent to an existing database.

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