Touchscreen kiosk

Touchscreen kiosk are also referred to as interactive, these are used for indoor and outdoor advertising purposes, these are normally network enabled for remote access and control.
Touchscreen kiosks are one of the most effective ways to engage with buyers for a cost effective price.

Each touchscreen kiosk comprises of a touch panel screen that is either SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave), IR (Infra red) or resistive touch, these are also available for outdoor use with sunlight readable screens along with the relevant media player. These can be used even with a gloved hand!For your free consultation contact us in Europe on + 44 (0)843 2893717 or for US inquiries call 862-234-5981.

With screen sizes from 30” to 85” these are the most cost effective solution on the market, backed with 247 support, ensuring your digital signage solution is ideal for your use.

Why use a touchscreen kiosk?

These interactive kiosks are perfect for engaging with potential buyers, the buyers can get more information, from the touchscreen, they can check stock and even make a purchase!

They never have a day off sick and you can use them to promote your products or services to new and existing clients, with minimal effort. Just upload the advertising media and let it play – digital signage is that simple. A full range of our products can be seen at:

Interactive digital signage

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Touchscreen kiosk

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