Israk Touch Screen Kiosk Part1

For more details, log on to Completely multi-touch allow all your visitors to easily visualize their route to any shop, department, room or location, across different floors and different buildings, with the ability to recommend specific routes for people with disabilities. - Sales offers ; allows you to display banner images, videos or flash animation to visitors on a banner on the map or full-screen. Discover A Lot More

Marvel multimedia kiosk with multi point touch screen

Marvel Interactive multimedia kiosk is mostly used for self-help information service, KTV song machine(VOD system), bank terminal, self-service ticketing terminal, etc. Marvel Self-service kiosk can do a lot of things, greeting, wayfinding, printing, data collection, but it also could be designed for advertising and promotion.view more detail please visit contact us Email´╝Ü Discover A Lot More