Marvel multimedia kiosk with multi point touch screen

Marvel Interactive multimedia kiosk is mostly used for self-help information service, KTV song machine(VOD system), bank terminal, self-service ticketing terminal, etc. Marvel Self-service kiosk can do a lot of things, greeting, wayfinding, printing, data collection, but it also could be designed for advertising and promotion.view more detail please visit contact us Email´╝Ü Discover A Lot More

Mercedes Benz of Tampa Bay Digital Touch Screen Tire Kiosk

Located in the Service Waiting area of Mercedes Benz of Tampa Bay, this 24" Touch Screen Kiosk provides a resource of information for both customers and staff to assist in the tire sale and upgrade process. Utilizing a screensaver application that shows OEM Videos and invites customers to touch the screen, the system creates a marketing platform for the dealerships. Customers can determine which tires meet their needs and see the total cost Discover A Lot More