TechnoMagic – Multi-touch Kiosk

TechnoMagic Pvt. Ltd. brings technology at your fingertips in Bangladesh. Multi-touch Kiosk is a high quality touch screen monitor which can be setup as Floor Standing or Rotate enabled computers. Its a all-in-one PC supporting standard Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux and Android. It also has USB connecting facilities along with networking features such as WiFi, Ethernet, 3G. You can select from sizes between 32 to 200 inches (diagonal Discover A Lot More

MultiTouch Media – Corbeil Interactive Kiosk

Multitouch Media installed a floor-standing kiosks at the Corbeil branch in Toronto in Mai 2012. These units are designed to accomplish a wide array of self-service and digital signage tasks in a variety of settings. All are designed to be stable, stand-alone units, but can be bolted to the floor for maximum stability. Applications Benefits Product Campaigns Increase Discover A Lot More