Digital Mall Kiosk Lead Generation

The Digital Dealership System Mall Lead Acquisition solution for the auto industry is a turn-key system that increases ROI in mall marketing placement. Now auto dealers are able know how many people are interacting with their display, completing forms and increase the response rate without the need for a full-time employee at the display. Tested in high-traffic malls across the country, the touch-screen system provides dealer marketing that is Discover A Lot More

Small Mall Kiosks Generate Billions in Revenue

Small mall kiosks generate billions in revenue. Mall kiosk business is booming. Some companies that operate kiosks in malls all over the world report revenue in the hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Although many mall kiosk retailers often have short term leases, and are run by first time entrepreneurs, kiosks have some advantages over opening a retail store location. The store front being on all sides is a big advertising draw, Discover A Lot More

Forum Mall Koramangala – M2K Digital ad kiosk

The first installation of M2KSYS digital ad KIOSK launched in Bangalore, India. One of the busiest shopping mall with 25,000 to 30,000 foot prints during the week days and 50,000 to 80,000 during the weekends. we have total of 10 digital free standing ad KIOSKS to cover the entire mall at all prime locations. Discover A Lot More

Shopping Mall Kiosk Business Ideas and Designs Do you have that great shopping mall kiosk business idea or service? Is your budget entry level enough to purchase a retail or mall cart. Is renting a store is too much of an investment? Or maybe you only require a small foot print to run your business? Cart-King has the solution for you! Being in business for 15 years servicing high end malls, hotels, casinos in their cart and kiosk needs, we can provide you with beautiful Discover A Lot More