Custom Touchscreen Kiosk Installation, Jason’s Deli, Cranberry Township, PA

Jason’s Deli, a gourmet sandwich shop with wholesome ingredients and a large salad bar, contacted ITSENCLOSURES about designing a kiosk to house their point of sale terminal and small receipt printer for their popular salad bar. ITSENCLOSURES developed a custom freestanding kiosk that features a sliding shelf for the printer and lockable front door for additional security. Jason’s Deli purchased a prototype in 2013, and has been deploying Discover A Lot More

Freeware KIOSK Enterprise installation and configuration in 5 minutes

KUBA - EDV KIOSK Enterprise - KIOSK mode for Windows Vista and Windows 7 also for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. This video show kiosk mode installation and configuration in 5 minutes !!! Freeware Licence for private use !!! 1. kiosk download + installation 2. kiosk authorisation 3. lock kiosk user - reset configuration (3) 4. kiosk configuration - StartPage - NoBrowserClose 5. write kiosk user profile 6. select kiosk program (internet Discover A Lot More

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk Display – Easy Digital Signage Installation

When the Norwalk Parking Authority wanted to increase engagement with parking patrons, they implemented interactive touch screen kiosks that provide information and offers on local attractions, events, area restaurants and more. blabfeed is an award-winning integrator specializing in digital signage and marketing technologies. To schedule a free demo, visit or call 1-877-330-3575 now! Discover A Lot More