15″ Through Glass Touch Screen Display Comparison with iPad – HD

LifeSize Touch - Interactive Shop Window Displays Why stop promoting your store when your business is closed? With a through glass touchscreen, passers-by will be attracted to the bright rotating banners, featuring your product catalogue, latest product arrivals, special offers, seasonal promotions, etc. These bright sunlight readable touch screen displays, uniquely work through glass, making them ideal for shop windows or reception areas. Let Discover A Lot More

wivitouch foil used under glass, transparent touch KIOSK

www.wivitouch.com The KIOSK body is a piece of glass. superb bending craft. Viewing angle is comfortable for visitors. It's special for the touch function. When you turn it off, it is transparent, looks like it is only a normal glass; But when you turn it on, you can see the computer system and touch it. Discover A Lot More