TauNigma 2016 – TauNigma Kiosk und TauNigma Display

TauNigma 2016 TauNigma Kiosk und TauNigma Display Im Webinar erhalten Sie aktuelle Infos: http://www.taunigma-kiosk.de/taunigma... http://www.taunigma-kiosk.de/taunigma-2016/ TauNigma-Präsentation 10.2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVDZ-uIGf3A Mit den Geschäftskonzepten TauNigma-Kiosk / NT.Payments und TauNigma-Display / InDoor-TV kann sich jeder ein lukratives Passives Einkommen aufbauen. Telefonische Informationen erhalten Sie Discover A Lot More

Assemble iPad Acrylic Desktop Stand for Kiosk, POS, Store Display

http://www.posincloud.com Now you can decorate your store by transferring the iPad into a compact Kiosk System with fully touchscreen functions! You can also use it as a Tablet POS(Point Of Sale) stand. The Acrylic based stand hosts the iPad on the desktop with 30-degree view angle which is very easy for users to operate and browse. The bottom open slot can be used as the locking mechanism to secure the device. 1. Compatible with Apple iPad Discover A Lot More


COMPANY World Trade Display is a company specialized in producing and direct selling of interactive touch screens and digital information signage solutions, at high communicative and emotional-impact. Thanks to its sales forces consolidated over the years and to its highly qualified service assistance they are able to cover the needs of over 64 countries around the world. The commercial offer is wide and varied, and having the entire range be Discover A Lot More