Small mall kiosks generate billions in revenue.

Mall kiosk business is booming.

Some companies that operate kiosks in malls all over the world report revenue in the hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Although many mall kiosk retailers often have short term leases, and are run by first time entrepreneurs, kiosks have some advantages over opening a retail store location.

The store front being on all sides is a big advertising draw, and the small size of the kiosk only requires one or two people to operate.

Technological advances like tablet computer transactions and high tech vending machines have opened up the potential for the kiosk business.

But one controversy that is hitting mall kiosks is the employment of illegal immigrant workers.

Earlier this year, 13 Israelis were arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers at two malls in Houston.

In 2011, Charles Shannon, an official at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv said: “It is true that thousands of Israelis have traveled over the past 10 years and worked at these kiosks.”

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