Cybersys Computer Limited is proud to announce that we can have completed The World First Integration of Digital Signage, Interactive Multi-touch Kiosk and Mobile Apps System. The system has been installed at the new L’hotel elan at Chong Yip Street, Kwun Tong. The whole system is controlled by a central server. The various digital signage equipment (media players & display units) that installed at lift lobbies and function rooms, are interconnected to the server via LAN and Internet.

The system is the first of this kind to Cybersys and we determined to provide this solution for hotels, retail outlets, shopping malls, and any organization that has the following requirements:
 Delivery of corporate information to targeted audience;
 Provision of instant customer service;
 Long term customer relationship management by provision of latest news (products and services) to the hands of the clients;

The kiosk is an IR multi-touch HD LCD kiosk providing tourist information to the guests. The icons are set by the hotel from time to time for the guests to access the relevant information. The success of the kiosk is the ease of burden to the hotel to provide updated database. The kiosk is an Android based Application. Therefore it links with the mobile Apps and share with the same management system.
The digital signage delivers instant information
 The directory of floors;
 Location of Events and Functions in the hotel;
 Introduction of the facilities in the hotel;
 Date, Time, Weather reports and forecast, including acute weather conditions;
 Messages to the guests;
 Function room, Name of host, date and time of function;

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