Jason’s Deli, a gourmet sandwich shop with wholesome ingredients and a large salad bar, contacted ITSENCLOSURES about designing a kiosk to house their point of sale terminal and small receipt printer for their popular salad bar. ITSENCLOSURES developed a custom freestanding kiosk that features a sliding shelf for the printer and lockable front door for additional security. Jason’s Deli purchased a prototype in 2013, and has been deploying kiosks in their restaurants since then. The POS system features a touchscreen display, credit card reader and a receipt printer. While using the kiosk, customers can order salad, soups, drinks, and other healthy food items. Still have Questions? Contact ITSENCLOSURES by phone at 1-800-423-9911, email info@itsenclosures.com, or visit ITSENCLOSURES.com

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