Gift cards are fast becoming a key revenue driver for retailers and a convenient purchase option for consumers. Today’s technologies are taking gift and loyalty cards to the next level of customization and personalization while offering a fast and efficient transaction for your customers. Nanonation’s Custom Gift and Loyalty Card solutions provide more than just a fast self service transaction. Our unique customer friendly solution allows customers to select from any number of card backgrounds, each customized and branded for your organization, and allows the customer to personalize the card with a custom message. The fast self service removes the gift-card-only customer from the checkout line during peak selling seasons and the personalization option gives customers the ability to make a unique connection to the cards recipient. The result is a winning solution for increased gift card sales, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

• Increase Impulse Purchases & Total Spend
• Provide Personalization
• Print on demand, full color, gift cards branded to your company
• Reduce Wait Times
• Integrate to your gift or loyalty card activation system for instant activation
• Enhance Self-Service Experience
• Offer Real-Time Customization

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