Concession Stands for Sale by Cart-King. We offer many kiosk stands which are “custom commercial units”. Our Concession Stands are self contained and will have sinks and storage.

The kiosk is a modern day kitchen on wheels. It is usually used to offer food and beverages to pedestrians in many different areas. A cart or kiosk can be used indoors and outdoors. Carts and kiosks are usually built in two different models: the traditional cart model, where the attendant stays beside the cart or the kiosk model where the attendant stays inside the cart.

Our units can be built in different materials, from wood, steel, aluminum, etc. If you are looking for more information on a Food Cart or Kiosk product, please contact us through our link above.

Let us help you here at Cart-King. We will design a unit for indoor or outdoor use. These units come with self contained sinks and running water. We manufacture from wood, steel and aluminum. Deciding which product to get is a matter of preference, space and budget as normally a cart will cost less than a kiosk due to difference in sizes.

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