– Beverage carts or kiosks for portable, coffee, beverage and retail. Outdoor street custom commercial units. Self contained sinks and water systems.

Our footprint than a regular store. A kiosk can be used in various applications, in many types of industries like retail, service, marketing, etc. It can be used as a selling platform for a variety of products: food and beverages catering services, coffee and tea, retail merchandising, cellphone and cellphone accessories, sunglasses, etc.

With the changes in global economy, more people are looking for new income generating opportunities but not everyone has at their disposal a huge amount of cash flow to start their business. So leasing or renting a fixed retail space may not be feasible.

Using a kiosk or even a cart, which is platform with a smaller footprint than a kiosk where the person servicing the unit stays besides or behind the unit, is a great idea. Kiosks allow people to test their business concepts, service multiple locations and make money right away.

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