With scanning technology that’s second-to-none and customization that caters to any retail environment, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk is the industry standard for tablet kiosk solutions.

The Interactive Kiosk from Aila is a next-generation price scanner, powered by Apple’s iPad, that helps retailers create rich in-store experiences.

It features proprietary, software-based scanning technology that makes scanning easy and reliable. A red dot for aiming and red field illumination allows the user to quickly capture QR codes and barcodes as well as images and full-res videos. Associates and shoppers can scan circulars, coupons, price tags and more to get product and pricing information or to find the product within the store.

The Interactive Kiosk is allowing high end retailers across the US and Canada to create smart fitting rooms, deli counter ordering systems, greeting and couponing kiosks and augmented reality in-aisle experiences.

It’s fully customizable to your store’s colors, and securely mounts iPads anywhere in the store.

Aila’s helping retailers create exceptional in-store experiences. Contact us to explore what that could look like in your store. Visit ailatech.com or email info@ailatech.com.

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