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In the video we feature the 55″ Double-sided Optically Bonded High Brightness IP65 capacitive Touch Kiosk. This device has cameras on both sides and is water proof, perfect solution for outdoor application.

This 55″ Kiosk uses capacitive touchscreen with optical bonding, which makes the screen very bright (1000+ nits), and can be read easily under direct sunlight, as demostrated in the video.

In the video, the device is sprayed with a 6.5mm nozzle, a volume of 12.5L/min, with a pressure of 30kPa at a distance of around 3 meters. This is an IP66 test, and as can be seen in the video it withstands the test without any problems. Not a single ghost touch was triggered, and even when the screen was wet, Arne had no trouble using it.

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